Gameshow and Igor & Moreno arrive at The Point for joint residency

This week The Point welcomes not one, but two companies into the Creation Space for a shared residency. This is a new format that staff at the Eastleigh venue are testing, with the aim to create an open dialogue between two companies of different disciplines, where they might just inspire and influence the other.

Contemporary Dance Company Igor & Moreno and Theatre Company Gameshow met prior to undertaking this joint residency to ensure that it made sense, artistically, for both. During meet and greet with staff, Moreno commented that Gameshow’s focus on movement would mean that the two could work together closely, as the dance company focuses many of its projects on movement of the body.

Igor & Moreno are in residence to develop a solo piece entitled CAN’T. This project has been an idea for two years and now undergoes the process of becoming a full production. CAN’T is one of The Point’s 20 new commissions and explores preconceived limitations and the emotions attached to being unable to become a specific person, while growing up in a generation that has seemingly endless possibilities. This piece has spun from ongoing research of self-identity and social recognition.

To find out more visit: or follow them on Twitter @igorandmoreno.

Theatre Company Gameshow will focus on new full-length production Dancing Bear, Dancing Bear during their week in residence. Made up of Matt Ryan and Matthew Evans, Gameshow will explore incorporating headphones into their show while in the Creation Space – an idea that will be tested during Open Space.  During the week the pair will work with sound designer Dominic Kennedy, lighting designer Seth Rook Williams, filmmaker Rosie Powell and photographer Adam Levy. The company aims to bring new audiences to performance while communicating ideas about the world we live in.

To find out more about Gameshow follow them on Twitter @GameshowTheatre, or visit their website:

You can hear what both have been up to, and see their progress, at Open Space on Friday 7th March at 4pm.

Image credit: Tina Remiz.

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