Svetlomir Tsvetanov


Svetlomir, which translated from Cyrillic means ‘Light and Peace’, was born in the small town of Ruse in Bulgaria. He is the oldest child out of two in the family and his interest in arts and creative visual crafts started when he was very young. People usually know him by the name Sio or Svetlio and recognise his bright and spontaneous personality.

Svetlomir has a Diploma from The College of North West London with full Excellency in Business and Finance. Also, he recently graduated from Southampton Solent University in BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Production. At the moment, he is freelancing for publishers, such as Jungle Magazine, HighViewArt, Sant Magazine and Novella Magazine.

Some of his work is recognised internationally and published and exhibited locally. Sio is looking to expand his artwork and develop new connections for future collaborations.

Twitter: @svtsvetanov
Facebook: startswithsphotography

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