Theatre for Life


Director: Michelle Smith

At Theatre For Life we want to use theatre to promote inclusion and collaboration through purposeful theatre projects, enriching the young lives of our company members aged between 14-22 years of age.

At Theatre for Life our company members will have the creative freedom to be fully involved in all aspects of the production work. Being actively part of a theatre company will not only help the young company members to refinine their acting skills, but give them other opportunities in production work such as stage management, technical theatre and directing. Career prospects within the performing arts are extensive and go beyond just performing on stage, we want to introduce our company member’s to the many career pathways they could potentially follow.

We understand that social and economic factors can play a huge part in limiting young people from following their ambitions. Our local area of Southampton unfortunately has declined in deprivation from 81% in 2010 to 67% in 2015 as stated in the 2015 Southampton IMD analysis. In the 2015 Southampton IMD analysis Education and skills training is 13.5 % part of the decline in deprivation, thus highlighting the urgent need to provide a theatre project for young people in the area to raise aspiration and develop a better skills set for potential careers. At Theatre for Life we want the company to be inclusive, allowing young people from different backgrounds in the local area to participate in a project which will enrich their own lives. We want to start the company allowing young people to join for free, finaincial constraints can sometimes hinder a young person from participating in extra curricular groups, we therefore want to ensure that all members of the youth community get an opportunity to be involved. The next goal is to open up different theatre groups and projects to the wider community using theatre to educate and help improve lives.

We are currently fundraising to help us start up this company and would really appreciate any local support from fellow creative bodies. Please support us by visiting our fundraising site which explains in more detail about Theatre for Life and what we hope to bring to the local community:

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