New Digital Upskilling Workshop Trialled as Part of PONToon Project

Eastleigh Creative SEO Workshop with Aaron Syed at The Sorting Office Designer-Maker Studios

Last week, Eastleigh Borough Council trialled the first of a number of workshops aimed at digitally up-skilling women in difficult social circumstances as part of the PONToon project (Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN).

The workshop, hosted at The Sorting Office Studios on Wednesday 9th May and led by SEO expert Aaron Syed, focused on search engine optimisation (SEO) for creatives, and took a look at some of the ways creative businesses can improve their search engine rankings.

Topics covered during the session included: why artists should care about SEO, how to identify existing online exposure, strategy and tactics for improving rankings, and an overview of some of the tools available to assist in improving SEO.

The session, which was free and open to anyone, paved the way for potential future workshops that aim to give digital skills to women who are out of employment with few or no qualifications.

The workshop was run in conjunction with the PONToon project, an international project funded by the Interreg 5A France (Channel) England European Regional Economic Development Fund.

The project, led by the University of Portsmouth and supported by 10 other partners from the South of England and northern France including Eastleigh Borough Council, is all about providing socially disadvantaged women with digital skills and improving their employment prospects in a labour market which increasingly requires some understanding of digital technology.

The project aims to create digital skills tools that will up-skill women through the use of new technology such as games, apps and virtual reality experiences.

The project’s second strand aims to aid such women with their own employment circumstances, from help with building CV’s and improving online presence, to support in setting up as self-employed and potential work experience placements with the project’s stakeholders.

If you wish to be notified of future workshops, or are interested in helping to test digital tools for the project, be sure to contact PONToon communications specialist Harry Usborne via to register your interest.

You can find out more information about the project by visiting

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