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Lila Dance work on new piece in The Creation Space

lila dance

Lila Dance are in The Point’s award-winning Creation Space to work on their new piece The Incredible Presence of a Remarkable Absence.

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Exciting children's theatre company at The Point

hiccup theatre

Exciting children’s theatre company Hiccup Theatre has taken up residency in the award-winning Creation Space at The Point.

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Circus-style opera prepares to go on tour

kompany malakhi and charody productions

Kompany Malakhi and Australian-based Charody Productions have completed a two-week rehearsal period at The Point for new show Carnival.

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Award-winning aerial company in The Creation Space


Aerial theatre company BandBazi has taken up residency at The Point to work on the final rehearsals of its new production Mind Walking.

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Charlotte Vincent starts work on new project

vincent dance theatre

Vincent Dance Theatre is at The Point developing initial ideas for Motherland, a new middle-scale production touring autumn 2012.

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