Specialist farrier app succesfully developed by Tec Hub member

Eastleigh Tec Hub’s Springcode has finished developing an exciting new organiser App for Equine professionals.

Equitotal “takes away the pain for the professional farrier and/or blacksmith” by organising their day, invoicing their clients and taking payments in one place..

The App can work offline such that a professional can take appointments and generate invoices while in the middle of a field with no signal; once a signal is established the Equitotal App automatically synchronises with the server to process the data.

The App, developed by Springcode founder Gavin Shefford who works out of Eastleigh’s thriving Tec Hub in Wessex House, is currently available on the App stores in the UK for both Android and Apple and will be available shortly in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, France and Germany, with more countries coming on board later this year.

A sister App, ZeroAdmin, will also be released later this year and will be tailored for other mobile  professionals such as chimney sweeps, cleaners and pest controllers.

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