Two Destination Language share Declining Solo development during Open Space

The Creation Space welcomed Two Destination Language last week for a period of early research and development for new piece, Declining Solo. Following a week of intensive technical development, in collaboration with The Point’s on-site specialist tech team, the company – made up of Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie – showcased their work-in-progress.

Visually impressive and delicate in nature, Declining Solo is more than a year away from completion, and was presented in the very early stages of creation, meaning Katherina showcased her inspiring improvisation skills to an audience of around fifteen. The Creation Space had been transformed into a completely new environment by layers of white screens that became emblazoned by video footage of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Katherina expressed emotion through physical theatre as Alister provided a narration, off-stage. The duo embodied memories from a time in the past both verbally and physically, as music supported the tone of the piece. Following the sharing, audience members were invited to stay to discuss what they had just seen, creating an open and honest dialogue between artist and audience.

Two Destination Language is currently a Supported Artist at The Point and has collaborated many times with the venue over recent years. Declining Solo is the newest focus amongst many successful past productions which fuse dance, theatre and art while exploring heritage and culture.

To find out more about Two Destination Language and keep up-to-date with the progress of Declining Solo, follow them on Twitter @2destlang or visit their website at:


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