Yvon Bonenfant arrives at The Point for period of research and development

Interested in the interactive and the digital, voice and performance artist Yvon Bonenfant is in residence in The Point’s on-site Creation Space this week for a period of research and development for a new project currently known as ‘The extra-normal voice, metaphors from science, performance making and identity’.


Following on from the successful ‘Your Vivacious Voice’ project, which featured The Voice Trunk – a temporary installation at the Natural History Museum and later the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, this new project takes similar principles and morphs those into something entirely new and exciting. Focusing on installations, Yvon and his collaborators are looking at developing an art piece that allows the user to feel the sensations of their own voice through interacting with a unique fixture.

While in residency Yvon and co’ will be exploring the viability of the technical aspects of this project, utilising the facilities of the Creation Space while working with a professor of the University of Southampton to test ideas concerning the inclusion of touch-objects and tactile technologies, bridging the gap between audience and performer.

Through his work as a performance artist, Yvon connects children, teachers and parents inside to their own distinctive voice, developing new models of performance making while allowing others artists the opportunity to explore different aspects of this particular audience demographic.

To find out more about Yvon and his work visit www.yvonbonenfant.com.

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